Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Call of duty

I am a first aider, and help out with medical treatment in many theatre shows. It's really good fun and our services are barely ever required, so you get to see all these really cool plays for free. This year I've seen Fame, Saturday Night Fever and Mamma Mia. I love the seventies, and the cool (or crazy) dancing. Last week though, during the Phantom of the Opera, just as we were stomping our feet to the electric music and the chandelier was coming crashing down a final time, we had our first call - an elderly lady had collapsed of heat exhaustion and was lying cold on the floor. By the time we arrived she had started to regain consciousness and we didn't have too much to do other than take a quick history and examination and ensure she hadn't sustained any injuries or anything, but it was my first time being the senior care partner, and was quite nerve-wracking. Fortunately she made good recovery and was tapping her toes as we walked her to the station. Phew!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Focus, concentration, determination

This morning I did part of the Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Simulated Exam and I'm scared! I got an average of 56% but the pass mark alone is about 65%. I'm gunning for over 250 in the final exam (why not aim for the stars) so it's more time in the library for me this week. I like our university library though - it's where all the hard working and inspiring kids come to read.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Official USMLE information

I've just been browsing the USMLE official website. Here's some important information to take into account when revising. I hope it helps.


"Some questions test the examinee's fund of information per se, but the majority of questions require the examinee to interpret graphic and tabular material, to identify gross and microscopic pathologic and normal specimens, and to solve problems through application of basic science principles."

Saturday, November 13, 2004

USMLE study schedule

Yeesh, the BSc is getting intense. I'm working hard, but unfortunately that means that I've been neglecting my USMLE studies for a few weeks. The USMLEs are a series of exams that all doctors that have qualified abroad but wish to practice medicine in the USA need to take. I was in America in the summer of 2003 as part of an international exchange with the University of Delaware, and really loved it. It's my dream to spend some time practicing there. Though I found the attitudes of a small minority of people in the USA sometimes disconcerting, the majority of citizens are really nice and interesting, as well as being some of the most innovative and hard-working people in the world. So I really really need to study. What do you think of my schedule for the second-half of November?

14th: HY Neuroanatomy (the developing nervous system and congenital disorders), Webprep Biochem lecture 1
15th: HY Neuranatomy (The adult brain MRI images), Webprep Biochem lecture 2 and additional reading
16th: HY Neuroanatomy (Finish HY book), Webprep TCA cycle lectures
17th: Neuroanatomy (Qbook questions), Biochem catch-up reading
18th: HY Biostatistics (Introductory chapters), Webprep Biochem (Hexose monophosphate shunt lectures)
19th: Other commitments - College deadlines!
20th: HY Biostatistics chapters 4-7
21st: Webprep Biochem (Lipid synthesis and storage)
22nd: HY Biostatistics chapters 8-9
23rd: Webprep Biochem (Lipid synthesis and storage II)
24th: HY Biostatistics
25th: Visual Processing essay
26th: HY Biostatistics
27th: Webprep (Anatomy in early embryology)
28th: Webprep (Anatomy in early embryology II)
29th: Anatomy in early embryology revision - weak subject!
30th: Alzheimer's and Dementia (College lecture)