Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Winter break?

I've just been offered the chance to go to Poland over the Christmas holidays. K and G, two of the people we met in Assiut, are so much fun and it would be a great holiday. Here's the itinerary:

I have to reserve place in the mountains (at this time it’s not easy to find free place for living, so it must be done earlier). I will write you exactly how we can spend this time in Poland:
- We can meet in Gdansk on 27 December and stay here two days for visiting.
- Then we are going to the mountain to the place called Bialka Tatrzanska.
- We spend there four nights (it one of the best polish resorts and not very crowded).
- Of course we spend this time for skiing, snowboarding or walking- as you wish!
- One day we can go and visit Zakopane - popular polish city, very original and beautiful.
- For the party we should go to the Mountain and say hello to the New Year!!!
- After this we can have fun until the morning in the hotel or bar.

- Costs depend on what you want to do!!!
- Boarding in Gdansk – free
- Traveling to Bialka Tatrzanska - about 20 euro (return journey)
Boarding there - about 8 euro per night
- Skiing - about 10 euro per day
- Other costs for eating and pleasures - depends on you!!!

If you have any questions let me know!!!


Reading it again it sounds even better, but I doubt I'll be able to go. With out BSc final exams in early February, I need to start full throttle revision very soon. At least I've made a start.


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sand art

Some stunning sculptures from another forwarded email. What are your creative talents?

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Black in London

Hi all

I'm back in London now, after a three night stop in Frankfurt. My sister picked me up in our recently purchased second-hand Nissan Micra (she'd never sat behind a steering wheel when I'd left!), so I didn't have any problems carrying back all the textbooks I'd bought. The first thing she did when we got back home, though, was a bit strange. She'd got it into her head that spending two months in Egypt and swimming in the Nile (I stupidly went in once) would morph me into a different creature, and she spent five minutes inspecting me from head to foot for any changes before pronouncing me normal. That night I did the same, and there have been a few alterations. First of all, I'm expectedly much darker – I'd pass off as a Nubian no problem – but the distribution of the tan isn't uniform, and you can easily tell the style of sandals that I wore for much of the trip's duration. Secondly, I'm thinner! I put on a couple of kilos in Assiut, but I lost them and more subsequently, and I'm now only 90% Moc. Finally, during my stay I'd gradually developed these absurd stretch marks around my shoulder and groins, but after a week in Europe they're all gone. I think they were due to sleeping in a star shape in an effort to maximise my surface area and cool down during the stiflingly hot nights in Egypt, and thankfully I don't have to do that any more. Boy did I miss British weather!

Hope you're well,