Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Week's achievements

Another set of random things I've done this week, in no particular order:

  1. Got my hair cut by an Afghan pop star, Sattar Sahill (check him out on YouTube, he’s got hundreds of hits!).
  2. Saw some cataract operations. Microsurgery is very, very impressive.
  3. Attended my university’s Freshers’ Fayre.
  4. Flossed.
  5. Reconnected with my (parents’) African roots by attending the Zanzibar Social Club’s annual gathering. Way cool, despite the fact that the average age of the partygoers was about 65.
  6. Celebrated my birthday with lots of carrot cake.
  7. Started reading ‘Anna Karenina’.
  8. Moved into to temporary accommodation, sharing a room with my sister for the first time in fifteen years.
  9. Began applying for a very exciting summer job in Japan next year.
  10. Was given a smartphone!